Central California Rehab Addiction Treatment Programs

Day Treatments – Day treatment clients undergo a six hour day program of group therapy, education and individual counseling services.
Intensive Outpatient – Intensive Outpatient Treatment offers hope to those suffering from the devastating consequences of substance abuse.
Sober Living Environments – Sober living plays a critical role in the process of recovering from drug and alcohol abuse. Our Sober Living Environments assist clients transitioning from residential treatment and those seeking a safe, supportive, drug-free place to live. Both short and long term residency.
Aftercare Program – Central California Rehab provides weekly Aftercare for program graduates.
Residential Program – Residential Program- Consists of daily educational lectures and one on one counseling.
Detox Program – A medically supported detoxification service to assure safe cessation from addictive substances.
Court Liaison – Central California Rehab staff have a total of 55 years combined experience working with the criminal justice system and drug courts as substance abuse professionals and providers.
Intervention Services – An intervention is a caring and deliberate attempt by members of the family and loved ones to help the addicted persons get help for his or her problem.
Education Classes – Central California Rehab is dedicated to reducing the impact of substance use. We do this by providing state of the art information and leadership programs that increase community awareness. All of our counselors possess national or state certifications in substance abuse counseling.
Dual Diagnosis – This component provides chemical dependency and adult mental health services through our own Multi-disciplinary treatment team as well as contracting with behavioral health providers throughout the Central Valley.