Central California Rehab Education Classes

Central California Rehab is dedicated to reducing the impact of substance use, misuse and addiction in Fresno County and underserved areas. We do this by providing cutting edge information, education, and leadership programs that increase community awareness. We believe our programs must reflect the diversity and substance abuse educational needs of California. Central California Rehab is committed to the value that everyone deserves a lifestyle free of addiction. Here are a list of some of the educational classes we provide:

Alcohol Awareness Education
The purpose of Alcohol Awareness class is to educate individuals regarding alcohol related issues such as the consequences of : Cited with an open container in a car or public place, cited drunk in a public place, or other alcohol related occurrences.

Methamphetamine Education
Methamphetamine Education (ME) is an intensive class that raises awareness relating to understanding meth. addiction symptoms, identifying and coping with withdrawal symptoms, successfully handling depression after quitting meth. and addressing future plans without narcotics.

Minors in Possession Class
Designed for those under the age of 21 who are using alcohol or other mind altering substances. We offer this class in a dynamic, informative group setting geared at educating youths in the areas of alcohol abuse, addictive behaviors, binge drinking, the impact of drinking and driving; and the media’s bait and lure tactics to minors.

Addiction Education Basics-Family and Friends
An essential class for those who would like to become informed regarding identifying addictive behaviors, learning to set appropriate boundaries, providing support to the recovering addict while maintaining self respect and additional essential information.