Central California Rehab Residential Drug Rehab

Central California Rehab’s Residential Substance Abuse Treatment program allows clients to live and receive substance abuse treatment in a drug-free environment with 24 hour supervision, care, and attention. Groups are designed to provide residents with a variety of practical tools, support, and information to assist them in developing and maintaining a strong, resilient, and comprehensive recovery program.

Our Residential Treatment Program

The Residential program consists of daily educational lectures, daily process groups, individual counseling, small group counseling, and opportunities for improving overall health with complementary recovery services to meet individual needs and preferences. All clients are assigned a primary addictions counselor who will accompany them through each step of their path to a healthy, drug-free future. The length of stay is determined based on individual needs, with most clients completing 30 or more days of treatment at the residential care level.

Family As A Part Of The Residential Treatment Program

The Family Education and Support components are included in the residential phase of treatment and include family and/or conjoint sessions with the client and primary counselor to identify how individual family members or significant others have been affected by the addiction/abuse. There is also a multi-family program event for the purpose of providing education and information about substance abuse, and to create a forum for families and caring friends to share their own experience and hopes in a safe and confidential setting.