Central California Rehab Center

Central California Rehab is fully committed to providing you or your loved one with an outstanding treatment care experience that is tailored every step of the way to honor and integrate your unique needs and preferences.

Central California Rehab treatment philosophy is centered in our belief that the optimal treatment outcome is achieved in an environment where each and every interaction of our team with clients and families is conducted with respect, compassion, dignity, and consummate professionalism.

Our program provides this superior care with careful attention to complete confidentiality and anonymity of clients and family members. We want to assist you and your family, as we have successfully done with so many others, to create the quality of life that you deserve, and achieve lasting freedom from alcohol and drugs.

Our Addiction Treatment Team

In addition to state certified counseling staff, our multidisciplinary team consist of consulting and external members such as:

Medical Doctors
Social Workers
Mental Health Workers
Members of the legal system