Central California Rehab Sober Living Environment

Sober living plays a critical role in the process of recovering from drug and alcohol abuse. Central California Rehab Sober Living Environments assist clients transitioning from residential treatment and other environments to secure a safe, supportive, alcohol and drug-free group residence. From our Sober Living Environments clients begin interacting with the community, looking for employment (or continuing at their current employment), and further developing their network of recovery support. Sober Living Environments are structured so that clients continue to attend community-based self-help groups, and work on their personal sobriety while simultaneously pursuing their financial, vocational, or educational goals. At Central California Rehab, sober living homes residents safely experience the transition back into the ‘real world’ and the ups and downs of daily life with the caring support of a group of individuals like themselves who are succeeding in practicing new and healthy ways of thinking and responding to life. Each Sober Living Environment home is supported by a House Manager and Assistant house Manager who ensure the highest quality of structure and peer support is available 24 hours a day. Clients work, attend treatment, or attend school during the day and engage in recovery and social activities in the evenings.

Central California Rehab Sober Living Environments Residences, House Managers and Assistant House Managers are trained, ethical, dependable role models experienced in the application of new ways to think and respond to life to achieve long term freedom from alcohol and drugs. Central California Rehab Sober Living Environments have trained dependable, compassionate house parents who are experienced in the 12-steps of the recovery process.

Sober Living Services:

* Residency in a safe, home-like environment with a group of peers.
* Nightly recovery-oriented meetings.
* Ensuring personal accountability through house rules and guidelines.
* Drug Testing.
* Assistance with job searches.
* Court Liaison.
* Long-term Aftercare and recovery planning.
* Referral to a vast network of community resources.
* Wifi and plasma cable television.