Central California Rehab Addiction Treatment Aftercare Program

At Central California Rehab Continuing Care is one of the most valuable components of the Central California Rehab Model. We believe that it’s relatively easy to get clean and sober; however it’s very difficult to remain clean and sober. For this reason we have designed our aftercare model that supports Long-Term sobriety.

Every four months following discharge the client is invited to visit Central California Rehab for an Intensive two-day “Program Boost” where with the attention of counseling professionals, they will share their success and challenges in meeting their recovery goals. “Program Boosts” are scheduled every four months for the first year, every six months for the second year, once in the third year, and continue on once per year as a lifetime benefit thereafter.

In between “Program Boosts” our graduates will have access to Bi-weekly alumni Assemblies, where our graduates receive valuable needed support, education, and recovery/ life skills discussions, all conducted in the friendly, warm atmosphere for which Central California Rehab are known.

The Central California Rehab Alumni Association has at its heart, a guiding philosophy that proposes, “Self-Esteem is built by doing Estimable acts.” Associating with other alumni offers opportunities for our graduates to give of their time and attention, often for the first time in a truly unselfish manner, to others who like themselves, need a kind and encouraging message along the way. Positive recovery-centered character traits such as selflessness, empathy, compassion, and trustworthiness are cultivated in the Alumni association assemblies and social activities. The Alumni Association connects alumni with volunteer opportunities to do ‘estimable acts’ in large and small ways, and put into practice Central California Rehab Alumni values of selflessness and compassion

Our Alumni Association is based on the philosophy that “Self-Esteem is built, by doing Estimable acts.” It offers great opportunities for our graduates to give freely of themselves (some of them for the first time.) Selflessness, empathy, compassion, trustworthiness are some of the recovery centered traits graduates begin to once again foster through their volunteer work in this component of the Central California Rehab Programs model.