Central California Rehab Addiction Intervention

An intervention is a caring and deliberate attempt by family and concerned others to help the person who is abusing alcohol or other drugs to receive the needed care and support.

Interventions are a structured and loving process organized and facilitated by a trained professional who guides a meeting between family members, caring others, and the substance abusing individual who is the focus of the intervention.

The Intervention Process

The process is meant to show the substance abusing individual in a compassionate and caring manner how their behavior is affecting the people that love them the most. An interventionist can help the individual understand the importance of changing his or her behavior and can facilitate placement into a treatment program.

Prior to the actual intervention, the Central California Rehab interventionist works with family members and concerned others, educating them on the intervention process and fully preparing each attendee for the structured intervention meeting. Once the pre-intervention meetings are complete, and a plan is put in place, a scheduled time is set for the actual intervention.

Central California Rehab interventionist then skillfully facilitates the intervention and ensures that all arrangements have been made for your loved one to be transported to treatment and admitted into safe and well supervised residential substance abuse treatment care facility.